Author Topic: norton has about 70,000 diff virus's it scans for i looked at avast has 23,302?  (Read 3364 times)

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i was going to ask whats the diff between home an pro ( Seriously)

and i just notice like norton has about 70,000 diff virus's it scans for i look at avast an it only says 23,302 everything is updated...

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  If you think that the number of viruses that avast detects is too
 small, keep on mind this: if two or more viruses are created with the
 same virus generator, they have the same name, because they are very
 similar. One of these "families" can contain hundreds of viruses. So
 avast detects many more viruses, but many of them have the same name.
 Some other antiviral companies count and name the viruses different
 way to show to users amazing number, but it´s nothing more than
 advertising gimmick.
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yeah use norton!!!
in the new version it include a tetris module,so u can play testris or flipper when u do a full scan
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ROFL---- ok i understand now it branches off the names :) ok sorry im a noob i was scared im just trying to be safe :)
thanks tho