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Windows 8 Early Engagement for Antivirus Makers
« on: April 10, 2011, 03:35:52 AM »
Windows 8 Early Engagement for Antivirus Makers
April 9th, 2011, 11:00 GMT| By Marius Oiaga


Customers will continue to need security solutions even after the advent of Windows 8, and Microsoft is working with antivirus makers in order to ensure that their products will play nice with the next major iteration of the Windows client.  I already told you that the software giant was planning to broaden the Windows vNext terter pool, after I received confirmation from one of the top AV vendors worldwide which was expecting to take the successor of Windows 7 out for a spin this spring.

Part of the Windows 8 testing process will be an Early Engagement event reserved for antivirus makers.

Ankur Mittal managed to come across some details about the Early Engagement Anti-Virus Filter Event. The event’s page on Microsoft Connect can no longer be accessed, but a copy of the survey that AV vendors need to fill continues to be available via Google Cache.  “This event is by invitation only. It is open to a limited number of ISVs selected by Microsoft to help verify compatibility of third-party Anti-virus filter drivers with the next version of Windows. Before proceeding to complete this registration form, please note the following:

“Your company must receive an invitation email from Microsoft before completing this registration form. If you received an invitation, and your company is not listed under "Company Name" below, please contact fsfcomm at microsoft dot com. 
“Due to space constraints, we ask that each company limits its participation to no more than two Developers representing one Anti-virus filter driver

Avast pair?

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Re: Windows 8 Early Engagement for Antivirus Makers
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2011, 01:20:40 PM »
I also wanna know
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Re: Windows 8 Early Engagement for Antivirus Makers
« Reply #2 on: April 10, 2011, 02:13:31 PM »
That's probably why VLK was away in the USA recently.  8)


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Re: Windows 8 Early Engagement for Antivirus Makers
« Reply #3 on: April 10, 2011, 04:34:53 PM »
Here is some interesting news regarding a proposed new feature in Windows 8 that Avast will have coordinate with; i.e. "Windows 8 SmartScreen Filter"  SmartScreen Filter has been incorporated into IE since IE8.  However now the plan is to incorporate this feature directly into Windows 8.  Note the possible conflict with Avsat products.
Users find two settings under the View menu that define the SmartScreen module: (see link for photo)

    Use SmartScreen to check files
    Never run downloaded programs that are unknown to SmartScreen.

The first option enables or disables SmartScreen on the system. It is not clear yet if the feature will be active by default, or if users will have to activate it manually before it protects the system.

A possible scenario would be to link it to the general UAC security settings, plus the additional option to enable or disable it individually.

The second option defines how unknown files, that is files that SmartScreen has no information about, are handled on the system. They can either be blocked outright, or allowed to be executed.

SmartScreen in this form is similar to antivirus software that uses a whitelist and blacklist approach. Files that are in the whitelist are considered clean and the user can execute them without interference. Blacklisted files on the other hand have been flagged as malicious and will be blocked from execution.

The two major problems of this method are false positives and unknown files.

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Re: Windows 8 Early Engagement for Antivirus Makers
« Reply #4 on: April 10, 2011, 05:05:39 PM »
Will future releases of Avast run on tablets?

It appears that MSFT is going full speed ahead on making Windows 8 "a serious OS for tablets and touchscreen devices".

Windows 8 To Include Windows Phone-like IE, PDF Reader
April 4, 2011 | Andrew

Microsoft is pushing to position Windows 8 as not just a replacement for Windows 7 on desktops, but also as a serious OS for tablets and touchscreen devices – to that end, the company has been hard at work creating a new interface for the new operating system, (see link for photo) inspired at least partly by its work on the Windows Phone 7 OS.

We’ve already seen some of that in Windows 8′s new lock screen, but the SuperSite for Windows has given us another look at this interface overhaul in the form of Internet Explorer Immersive, a version of IE9 meant to be run in fullscreen on a tablet device.............

Interface is monumentally important for the modern tablet, but just as important is out-of-the-box simplicity – apps have always been selling points for tablets, but customers expect that a certain amount of basic functionality will be included right out of the box. That’s likely the reasoning behind the other Windows 8 addition revealed today: for the first time, Windows will ship with a built-in PDF reader.

cont on link

So Windows 8 for tablets will include a full screen version of IE as well as PDF reader.   This of course means a greater risk for malware attacks on your tablets.  Seems to me unless MSFT builds in a solid Internet Security program into Windows 8 that there will be a need for a 3rd party Internet Security program on your tablet if you are using one that runs on Windows 8.
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Re: Windows 8 Early Engagement for Antivirus Makers
« Reply #5 on: April 10, 2011, 08:08:19 PM »
That's probably why VLK was away in the USA recently.  8)
Eh eh...
The mystery of Vlk's trips :)
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Re: Windows 8 Early Engagement for Antivirus Makers
« Reply #6 on: April 11, 2011, 07:06:00 AM »
Most of our engagement with Microsoft is covered by NDAs so I can neither confirm nor deny any of this, sorry.
All I can say is that our goal is to achieve optimal compatibility with Windows 8, of course. ;)

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