Author Topic: Heavy Network Shield Usage in Windows 8 Pro 64bit  (Read 2081 times)

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Heavy Network Shield Usage in Windows 8 Pro 64bit
« on: November 23, 2012, 01:57:19 AM »
Hi All

Heavy Network Shield usage in Windows 8 Pro 64bit, I do have the patch installed properly,  The heavy usage happens when I start Firestorm (3rd party) Second Life Viewer (3D game)   , Any thoughts why this is happening and a possible fix?  to reduce lag in the game while i'm using it? 

This was Over the top Install of Windows 8, Over a Clean System Restored Windows 7 install,  Willing to do a Clean System Install if need be, (will be time consuming, but Willing to go that far if needed) though I do have at&t dsl cap here in the United States, 150gbs a month, so trying to keep it down, but I can always do that in December if need be

Thanks in advance everyone
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