Author Topic: Why does Avast by default finds my C# program suspicious and puts in sandbox  (Read 2303 times)

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I am writing a C# windows forms application. I use Xenocode to virtualize it and make it .NET independent. Why does Avast always tells me that it founds the program suspicious and wants to start it in sandBox? I have troubles with my clients, because I have to explain to everyone of them, not to use the sandBox. How can I avoid the sandBox, by changing my C# program or Xenocode compilation?
The version of my program that is not virtualized by Xenocode is not found suspicious by Avast.
In the previous version of Avast, Xenocode virtualized programs were just crashing on start, so now it is a bit better, but still problematic.

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You can't change anything in autosandbox from outside.
Maybe you can send the file to avast team to improve the autosandbox behavior/signatures.
Send it to and put a link to this thread, explaining it is a "false positive".
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