Author Topic: Seeking advice [URL:Mal] Avast says my web site is infected, but noone else do.  (Read 2979 times)

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Hello world

I would like some advice on my current situation:

Each time I click a link on my own personal web site Avast pops up and says it has blocked outgoing traffic.
I have tried installing the latest version of the e107 web site software that I use, but the problem persists.

I have tried using various web site scanners for malware and virus but all come back clean.

This is what Avast tells me when it blocks the traffic:

Sorry for the danish language, but it should still be readable, if not here is what it says:

Malicious address blocked

Avast network shield has blocked a malicious website.

Infection: URL:Mal
Action: Blocked
Process: C:\Program Files..........

my web site, for those who dare is

Any advice or help is highly appriciated!

- Tom
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your site is blocked correctly.
problem is with "" where we detect JS:Downloader, what is a reason why your site was added in our blacklist.
At the first try to check your 404 page or try to contact your provider for help.
Best regards
Jan Sirmer
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Hi TomJens,

The site ip was also abused in email phishing in the past, site might be now being cleansed, because I get an "unable to connect",

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Use NoScript, a limited user account and a virtual machine and be safe(r)!


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Thank you for your assistance and answers guys :)


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now the site is clean no redirection to