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Re: A lot of rootkit
« Reply #15 on: June 13, 2011, 03:13:32 PM »
First you didn't answer my question:
What type of scan were you doing when these were detected ?

This is crucial, as if this is the anti-rootkit scan, 8 minutes after boot then the heuristic methods used to detect these 'can't be replicated' on the conventional scans that are done at virustotal, etc.

Second, did ensure that your virus definitions are up to date ?
If you have the latest update now 110611-0 are these detections still happening ?

Yes, it is the anti-rootkit scan, 8 minutes after boot. And these alerts occurs AFTER an update (after the 110528-0 update)

Yes it may well have happened after a Virus Definitions update, but that update is really old (May 28) and if this were still the cause there would certainly be many more reports in the forums and we aren't seeing that.

It would be highly unusual for a problem in a Virus Definitions update to still be present so long after the update (your first post on 11/06/06 9 days after), now 16 days after that update.

This is why I asked if you now had the latest Virus Definitions update and if it was still happening ?

Do you have the Virus Definitions & Engine updates set to Auto (the default setting) ?

I have avast free and have never seen any alert on these avast (asw****.sys ans aavm****.sys) files, if it were an issue with a Virus Definitions update, then I should have seen it along with all others who have responded here. I can't comment on the other files, but I have MBAM pro on two systems and no detections on its drivers either.
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