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Blue Screen when playing games
« on: June 12, 2011, 05:37:55 PM »
When I'm playing games on facebook my laptop will crash and then it says something about mini-dumps I went to another site for help with this problem and was told to check here...this is what I was told...

5/20: aswTdi.SYS

5/25: afd.sys

5/30: ntkrpamp.exe

6/1: ntkrpamp.exe

6/4: win32k.sys


As you can see, the causes are all over the map.

Starting from the most recent and working up, NETIO.sys is a Windows OS driver having to do with Networking Input/Output. This driver is often cited when the wireless/NIC drivers need to be updated. You should check your computer manufacturer's website for an updated driver and install it, if one is available. If you have been installing drivers from the Windows update site, you need to compare all you have with the ones available on the computer manufacturer's website and in the future, don't allow driver installs from WU unless you are positive this is where the computer manufacturer makes them available. If you do not do this, then it's a non-issue, but you still need to check out the networking I/O driver.

win32k.sys may indicate heap corruption. In addition, a BSOD referring to win32k.sys and the ones referring to ntkrpamp.exe can indicate problems either with RAM or software, in particular, antivirus and/or firewall software. As the oldest BSOD references aswTdi.SYS, an Avast file, I would suspect Avast as the potential source of the problems or at least, it should be ruled out. You may want to post about this on the Avast forum here and await their help: http://forum.avast.c...x.php?board=2.0

I've updated my Adobe..I don't see anywhere that I can attach these mimi dumps if you can help I'd really appreciate it. Thank you..