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« on: October 21, 2004, 02:51:41 PM »
Hi  Iam new to some of this stuff and my question is

1.   What happens when u miss a VPS example like VPS 443-0  do u still get it when u 443-1 if not what happens

2.    If I do miss VPS 443-0,443-1 do I download it and where do I save the file to where in Avast on the computer or should I say what file in Avast do I put it to. That i can ex it from.

I am new in saving things sorry in being so dumb in asking this questions.   I plan to be going away and when I come back I just want to know what to do and know how.  When u get older u know it gets a little complicated working on a computer lol.   Thanks for the help.

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Avast checks what vps you have and will download everything you are missing. So don't worry.
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Thanks Eddy for your help today