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Bonjour à tous,
En installant avast free antivirus version beta pour mac celui me bloque la page web d'apple ( ainsi que le page web de configuration de mon routeur NETGEAR DG834N ce qui est le plus embêtant.

(http://192.168.X.X/start.htm) ou ( pour acceder à la config de mon routeur.

En désactivant le web shield d'avast j'arrive à acceder aux pages web nommées ci-dessus.

Pouvez vous m'aider afin de pouvoir dire à avast que ces pages sont approuvées.

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Translation to English :

Hello everyone,
By installing avast antivirus free beta version for Mac. Then its blocked the website of apple french ( and the configuration web page of my router NETGEAR DG834N which is most annoying.

(http://192.168.XX/start.htm) or ( to access the config of my router.

By disabling the web shield avast I can access web pages listed above.

Can you help me to be able to tell avast that these pages are approved.


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  • Posts: 723 sends an invalid HTTP response (it uses LF instead of CRLF as defined in the HTTP specification - rfc 2616), please report the bug to the web maintainer.

However, there will be a small improvement in handling of such broken servers in the next release of avast! for mac.