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Re: avast! Free 6.0.1203 SILENT Installation
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Just to clarify, is most of your post simply explaining the steps you took to figure things out, and your last command line works as-is (without installing the toolbar or Chrome)?

Or do you need to change some of the settings (as mentioned in your post) before you attempt the final command line?

Just trying to make sure I (and others) understand exactly what needs to be done.


Sorry if I didn't manage to make it clear enough to understand (being awake for > 24 hours and then trying to write a guide can be a hard task sometimes).

Yeah, you basically need to "extract" the files that the installer that you download from cnet/elsewhere(avast_free_antivirus_setup.exe) contains.
Its within those files you'll find two executables which are responsible for installing Chrome and the Toolbar, removing/renaming those files seems to be enough to stop them from being installed silently as well.

Here's two prints from the original files and the extracted files:

Screenshot of the original setup files, and a shortcut to unattended silent install:

Screenshot of the extracted files inside the Setup directory:
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