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AIS Firewall & Automatic Profile Switching Help
« on: July 17, 2011, 06:30:40 PM »
Hello. I am using the latest stable version of AIS (6.0.1203) & my question is:

#1: Is there anyway to add a network profile manually to the AIS Firewall?

My problem:  My desktop has 2 or so network adapters & although "Enable automatic profile switching" is ticked, AIS does not ever detect my wireless network adapter when I disable the Ethernet adapter.

I wanted to add my network profile for my wireless adapter, but it's never auto-detected. Sometimes, AIS' firewall took a long time to detect even my Ethernet adapter that I normally use. after restoring a system image or a reformat.

The name of ISP would be the same, but what would make it different is the MAC address & the wireless adapter description.

This issue has persisted over the last few versions of AIS....

It has happened on my HPE-470f desktop & my parent's HPE-235f when I added a different USB wireless N adapter. On the HPE-235f, AIS' firewall never auto-detected the profile of the Rosewill Wireless USB Adapter (RNX-N180UB but shows up on every computer I installed it on as Realtek RTL8191SU). It also occurred on my Dell Mini 9 netbook when I tested the same USB adapter & as far as I could see, the driver installed properly in both cases. There were no exclamation marks in Device Manager; I didn't see any error messages; & I did the install with Administrator privileges.

When I disable my Ethernet adapter on my desktop (470f), it takes a long, LONG time for the Ralink wireless adapter to load a web page or to grab updates for a program. (Talk about S-L-O-W!) Sometimes the program stops responding, but I just have to leave it there, until AIS' firewall detects & allows it. If I reboot, I have to go through the same thing all over again....

Also, #2: When I use AIS' firewall, must I disable the Windows firewall?

#3: Maybe I am doing something wrong??

Any help will be very greatly appreciated!


HPE-470f (One I Use): Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium 64-bit, AMD Phenom™ II 1090T Six-Core Processor @ 3.2 GHz w/ 4000 MHz FSB, AMD 785G Chipset, 8 GB DDR3 across 4 DIMM sockets, 1.5 TB SATA Hard Disk Drive (5400 rpm), Blu-ray player & SuperMulti DVD burner with LightScribe Technology, ATI Radeon™ HD 5770 graphics card with 1 GB DDR5 dedicated graphics memory, Realtek PCIe GBE Ethernet Adapter, 802.11n WLAN Card by Ralink, Realtek HD Audio, 15-in-1 memory card reader, my old HP PSC 2175 All in One printer

HPE-235f (Parent's): Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium 64-bit, AMD Phenom™ II X6 processor 1035T @2.60 GHz w/ 4000 MHz FSB, AMD 785G Chipset, 8 GB DDR3 in 4 DIMM sockets, 1 TB SATA, Blu-ray player & SuperMulti DVD burner with LightScribe Technology, ATI Radeon™ HD 5570 Series Graphics with 1GB DDR3 dedicated graphics memory, 15-in-1 memory card reader, Integrated 10/100/1000 BaseT network interface Realtek PCIe GBE adapter, Wireless LAN 802.11 b/g/n by Ralink, Realtek HD Audio, Brother MFC-615W Printer

Dell Mini 9 (Mine): Intel Atom N270 @ 1.60 GHZ, Realtek PCIe FE Controller, Broadcom 802.11g WLAN Card, Realtek HD Audio, Integrated Webcam (not sure of the MP), Mobile Intel 945 Express Chipset, FDM64GFDL Super Talent 64GB SSD (I'm sorry I didn't get a Runcore! XD), originally came with XP but I upgraded to Windows 7 Professional x86 (for a test run)

My network setup: Upstairs/Downstairs House

There's an antenna on the roof.  Ethernet cord comes through the wall from the antenna (I think) into what looks like a switch + power adapter. Then, another cord goes to the router (DLink Dir-655).

For downstairs, there's another DLink Dir-655 router with a cord that comes from the router upstairs, a Netgear Powerline Network Adapter Kit (85Mbps, I think) that I want to change.  (I just don't know what to replace it with, since I've seen so many negative reviews for different products.)

The HPE-235f connects to the Internet via the wireless network. Usually, it works fine. Sometimes, my Mom goes on the Internet with her work laptop but not often.  She sometimes uses her old Dell 600M laptop with Windows XP that she absolutely adores & that runs AIS also.

If I missed anything, let me know. Although the broadband connection in the house may sound complicated, it does work.   XD  If there's a problem with the network, usually I just have to unplug the router & the modem, wait a while & plug everything in again.

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Re: AIS Firewall & Automatic Profile Switching Help
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2011, 08:33:11 AM »
welcome to the forum Michilee

you do not have to disable the windows own firewall when you using AIS.

and avast should detect the second network at default but meaby it didn't do that here.

this might be of help for you.,613#idt_01

good luck
Windows 8.1 amd a10-5700 64 bit
12 GB ram 1 tb hard drive. Avast 18, MBAM