Author Topic: Deploying avast_managed.exe to Servers - do we need a special Group?  (Read 4150 times)

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I might have missed this in the docs, but noticed that the avast client was deployed to our test workstation and installed fine, but not to our SBS 2011 test server. The server is detected but just stays 'unmanaged'.  I assume we create a special group for 'Servers' with different settings to the 'Default Group', but what is the best practice here for something like an SBS server? Obviously would need Exchange, Sharepoint modules, but what about the P2P, Firewall and Antispam- I assume Turn these off?

Also do we need to worry about defining exclusions with SBS?

I would have thought avast BP console would have a Server Group along with the 'Default' group with typical settings for a Server (eg SBS server).

Also how do we deploy the software to the server?
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Re: Deploying avast_managed.exe to Servers - do we need a special Group?
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as long as you are fine with the default group settings, your servers can reside in the default group.

You take the same steps to deploy to the server based OS, depending whether you are in a domain or workgroup environment. No special tricks here too.

Which deployment path did you choose, the "email" or the "unattended"? Please make sure you specified correct target and credentials for the "unattended" mode. Any hint's in the system messages on your dashboard for example?