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Hi everyone

I have a small question, when I did a virus scan on my pc I got a virus warning so I moved that file into the chest, and checked it on virustotal (it was mostlikely a false postive but I still deleted the file since I didn't needed it anymore anyway). Afterwards I did a Boot-time scan and I got the same virus warning in System Volume Information\_restore... well I thought it is probably because I deleted the file before and it was backed up there but to be sure that it was the same file I moved it into the chest (it was the same file).

So and now comes my question, when I took a closer look at the file which was moved into the chest the "last changed" time (since it's the german version it's called "Letzte Ă„nderung" in the following pic) seemed a bit off, heres a picture of it(I marked it on the pciture):

I also uploaded the image to imagenvue in case imageshake doesn't work.

The "transfer time" is correct since it detected it around that time, but the "last change"  time is set into the future, (I looked into the virus chest around 5:00 AM, so at that time the last changed time was 1 hour in the future).

Well I tested avast afterwards and it seems to run fine, and the system also runs fine without any problems or odd occurences, but nevertheless it still makes me a bit uneasy and wonder why the last changed time was off, so I wonder what it could be.

Ah yeah I run Windows XP SP3 and have AVAST FREE 6.0.1289. Ah yeah I dont know if it matters but currently I run my win xp in japanese unicode (changed it from german to japanese), since a few programs I use dont run correctly without it, but I don't think that has caused it.

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Re: Last changed time is set into the future after file was moved to chest
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