Author Topic: Avast gave a warning "Chrome has initiated an ssh connection to (website)  (Read 2187 times)

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Can someone explain to me what that means, and why I can not find a log about it anywhere, or any logs anywhere for that matter on Avast5..


Add to this : why did avast have a connection to my email server?
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I can't recall having seen that exact warning. Avast mail shield does have a standard warning about unprotected SSL connections.

As to your second question, the following is an extract from the avast help file for the mail shield.

SSL Accounts
On this screen you can enter details of how your Mail Clients communicate with the Mail Server, including, where encryption is required, the type of encryption that is used.

In order for mail to be scanned by the Mail Shield, it is necessary that encryption is turned off in your Mail Client.

If encryption is required, the information on this screen will then be used to establish a secure connection between the Mail Shield and the Mail Server. This will enable all incoming and outgoing mail to be scanned by the Mail Shield. Unencrypted connections do not need to be listed.

Outgoing Mail

The outgoing unencrypted email will first be scanned by the Mail Shield. If the type of encryption is specified on this page, a secure connection will be established and the mail will be sent encrypted to the Mail Server (if the type of encryption has been specified as "None", the mail will be sent unencrypted). If nothing is specified on this page for a particular mail account, the Mail Shield will check whether the Mail Server supports encryption. If it does, a new rule will be created automatically and the mail will be encrypted and sent to the Mail Server.

Incoming Mail

As the secure connection is established between the Mail Shield and the Mail Server, incoming mail can be unencrypted when it is received by the Mail Shield and scanned before it is delivered to the Mail Client.

If encryption is not turned off in the Mail Client, the Mail Shield will be unable to scan the content of either incoming or outgoing mail. This means that although the connection will be secure, the mail cannot be scanned by avast! and is therefore unprotected. In this case a warning message will be displayed (by default) informing you that a message has been received via an unprotected SSL connection.

If you do not want to receive this warning, uncheck the box at the bottom of page "Automatically detect and warn about unprotected SSL connection".