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missing INSO library
« on: August 11, 2011, 02:35:34 AM »
Hello , I do hope I read this correctly and am here because I just removed an AntiVirus paid version that did not have support to speak of. After I removed it I was left with some problems on reboot. I had already lost my ability to do a system restore and the backup was apparently also removed by McAfee. So sense I am not so good at this I will go one question at a time. Upon reboot I am told that Inso Library not loading
and would like to know how to fix that there was also a error 42144 that other forums claim is caused by using Avast and if I remove it the problem will go away, but I think that it will just hid it because when I did the boot scan it appeared to have to do with IE5 , that may be used for older progames and I am running a Windows XP Pro, 32 bit . Thank you