Author Topic: BART Avast Rescue CD V2.0.201 downloaded and paid for help needed please ?  (Read 25809 times)

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Hello Avast Support, I am a paying customer of avast internet security for 4 machines and my laptop got infected with a virus shown below:-

Scan complete 1 threat found   
filename pagefile.sys
severity: High
Status:- Threat:- Win32:Hupigon-OAM [Drp]

One of my main problems I am not able to do a avast scan at the desktop because when I tried to boot up to the desktop I receive this error message during boot as shown below.

WerFault.exe - Application Error.

The instruction at 0x760FA161 referenced memory at 0x760FA161. The required

data was not placed into memory because of an I/O error status of 0xc0000185.
Click on [OK] to terminate the program.
Just an OK button.

and that is far as I can get into my Toshiba laptop pc running Windows 7 premium 32 bit upgrade edition.

So I decided to pay for and download the "Avast Rescue CD" and see if I can remove this Virus, I have tried twice to create a Avast Rescue CD with NO luck, when I boot to the "Avast Rescue CD" I receive this error message shown below...

The acpi.sys is corrupted.
Press any key to continue.

When I press the space bar I get a message at the bottom of the screen...
"Setup Failed. Press any key to restart your computer."

So I decided to go for a reformat using my boxed version of Windows 7 premium 32 bit upgrade edition, which was successful and windows created a backup of my previous installation into a folder called "Windows.old".

So I decided to try and re-download the "Avast Rescue CD" and licence file to my freshly windows installed laptop and make a new "Avast Rescue CD" on there, but I still receive that error message during bootup as shown below.

The acpi.sys is corrupted.
Press any key to continue.

Now if I login to windows and try to scan the "Windows.old" folder with my paid version of "Avast Internet Security" it throws up a blue screen and shuts down my laptop.

I would like to know if the Avast Support Team can assist me any further on this Virus please, as I am all out of ideas and I have exhausted all my technical skills trying to remove this virus!

I wish to remove this virus from with in my "Windows.old" folder so I can recover files from my previous Windows installation.

Cheers from Magicbytes.