Author Topic: Conflict between recent Avast! update and Steam or steam games (install error55)  (Read 4481 times)

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I am having an issue with the latest program release. Two steam games will no longer load with avast active. Based on posts on the Steam forum, it is being caused by the latest avast! release. I added the steam folder to the exclusions list and that did not work. I did not reboot after doing so, not sure if that was needed. I did get it to work by disabling the real time shields for 10 minutes via the shields menu. The game quickly loaded and ran properly.

Two questions:

Would a reboot make a difference after adding the steam folder to the exclusion list? ( also added the folder to the File Shield exclusions and still did not work.)

Is there a fix coming out for this? I don't like to leave avast disabled for even the 10 minutes.

The previous version had no issues with steam and has run fine forever.

Some answers please?


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An answer or help with this would be greatly appreciated! I am running into the same problem. I love Avast and don't want to stop using it, but if It's interfering with Steam I may have to go to something else for the time being until the issue is resolved.  :(

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Running steam here as well but no problems with running games, do you have the Behavioral shield installed and if so is it set to ask or auto in the expert settings?


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Behavioral shield is not installed. It only affects one game so far, Total War: Shogun 2. The solution was to turn off all shields for 10 minutes to launch the game, then it works. Not a solution for real though. Avast needs to address this issue.


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same here, i experienced this issue with two titles:
-warhemmer 40.000 space marine demo
-deus ex: human revolution

i am not comfortable to turn off avast! to be able to install these especially that this final game setup needs active internet connection.
interestingly enough i couldnt find anything that avast! had blocked, empty virus chest, steam folder in exclusion list etc...
im not convinced that this is an avast! problem, these two games setup differently from those in the past: earlier steam downloaded everything you needed into the game folder (directx, vcredist etc) and then before first launching the game it installed these from this offline source.
now with these titles steam also uses your internet connection so i guess it (partly) installs these from online source or at least checks if these redistributables are up to date.