Author Topic: Avast found problems, but it would let me doing anything about them!!  (Read 3767 times)

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I recently purchased Avast for Mac, I have used this program before with great ease.. but this time around I seem to be having problems.  The program scans my hard disk as normal then shows the results, currently I have 0 Viruses and 16 Warnings.

Some of the items are as follows:

system.log.4  -  4211o The file is a decompression bomb

Python.framework   -  package:  10 Items, 8 Warnings, 0 Viruses

testtar.tar  -  42128 TAR archive is corrupted

Once the scan was complete I tried to select each item to either delete them, or put them in the chest, but Avast just keeps coming back saying “was not processed successfully” with every operation I try to conduct.

Can someone please help…

I am running Mac OS 10.7.1 Avast Version 3.11R0 (ServiceKit 1.41)

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Re: Avast found problems, but it would let me doing anything about them!!
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2011, 04:29:28 PM »
those files are similar to decompression bombs - they have just similar high compression ratio as those bombs, but don't seem to contain infection.

It's just warning. In the case of tar, you have to manipulate with the whole parent archive file, per-item delete is not supported for this archive. But, there's no need to remove those files.

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