Author Topic: after deleting virus files are there physically but not visible  (Read 1868 times)

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after deleting virus files are there physically but not visible
« on: September 26, 2011, 03:43:16 PM »
I describe this problem because I could't find answer anywhere for my problem and I searched the internet for 3 days to find it.

After deleting viruses with AVAST files were still there physically but not visible.
It was with SD card first. I connected it to the computer with virus. Later I checked this sd card with another computer with AVAST, after deleting viruses folders dissapeared. They were not hidden. Not visible even in Total Commander. But when I went to properties I saw the files still occupy the space on the card. When I connected card to GPS the android program showed the files.

Also the Windows XP with viruses stopped working after scanning and deleting all files with virus - later I couldn't login to the system. I installed another system on one of the other remaining logical drives. Handy Recovery and other paid programs saw the files which were on drive C: but I didn't want to pay money for the full version of it (50USD) in order to recover it.

The answer found after 3 days (mainly searching for the freeware recovery software): Use Free Commmander to copy the files. In this free commander (and maybe other file commanders but not Total Commander) the files are  still visible.

I hope you will be blessed. Jesus Christ is Lord! :)