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Dear Avast lately users of our website using avast as a antivirus have been noticing that avast webshield is blocking their access to the website and is marking as Phishing we are legitimate movie streaming website with over hundred of users that are more then happy to continue using our service, Please unblock our website from your list since this defamatory to our website here is the scans from virustotal showing our website is clean.
Virustotal scan:
We have already filled the false positive form waiting on your reply
This are the false scans of avast

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You can report a suspected FP (File/Website) here:
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Wait for a final verdict from avast team, as they are the only ones to come and unblock.
The detection could be IP related, see:

4 retirable libraries detected:!/scan/876b57145288f0064f47e271bc0fd04d2367e18aa00bd91ef48872f523c3f73b

Some hints towards website improvement:

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Thanks for the reply we are waiting on team avast to resolve this in the mean time our users are just waiting to go back to the website plus we already filled the false positive form we are waiting hopefully avast unblocks the website since it is not phishing.