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Re: Please help me chosse which laptop I should buy :)
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To the OP, since you bought the HP, which looks very similar to mine on the outside and may have the same features, I will offer some things I have changed in the default setup. I didn't like the way they changed the function keys so the specially programmed things were the default and you have to press the Fn key to get the actual function keys to work. Luckily it was very easy to change it back to the other way around. As a gamer, I need the F1-F12 functions to be the default. In the BIOS there is a setting to enable or disable the action keys mode.

Secondly I found the light around the touchpad to be annoying but that is very easy to toggle on and off by pressing FN-space.

Thirdly, I think the touchpad is too big and not recessed enough. There have been many times when I was typing something and accidentally hit the touchpad causing my cursor to jump to a different location. A few times it actually caused me to lose everything I had typed. I really never use the touchpad so I disable it by tapping twice in the top left corner of it. A little red light comes on and it's disabled until you double tap again. Of course I could permanently disable it in the device manager too.

 I also don't use the fingerprint reader and that is permanently disabled.

Of course your desires for how you want the machine to work may be different. I'm just offering up what I have found.

Hi Dch48!

Sorry for the late reply, been really busy lately. Been buried in paper works :-X But I will be doing what you suggested, I get my hp dv6t quad core in a little less than 2 weeks!!! I can't wait!!!  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D