Author Topic: Operating system Won't Load after 2nd start after Installation of IS andOne Scan  (Read 2161 times)

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I installed Avast Internet Security - Paid Version and after , just the 2nd start of Win XP Pro - the screen says the Operating system won't load.

I have received the rescue disk and have run the various checks to no obvious solution of how to get Win XP up and running again.

The only problem that I came across with the Avast Internet Security is that there is no firewall that is able to be enabled.

Can someone please comment on how to get Avast Internet Security Up and Running,

aswell as WinXP  ??  :'( 

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what AV did you have before installing avast ?
have you removed it ?
if so, how ?......did you use a removal tool to clear any leftovers ?

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I had Norton AntiVirus on the WinXp laptop before I installed Avast Internet Security.
I used the Norton Removal Tool to uninstall the Norton Antivirus.

After installation of Avast Internet Security  I installed/bought Revo Uninstaller Pro.
As the Norton AntiVirus didn't appear on the list of installed programs ... I did not have the capacity to do any Uninstallation to 'clear any leftovers'.
I think that it is fully uninstalled as far as I a aware.

So, as there is nothing left of the Norton Antivirus on the computer  ..   the question still remains as to HOW do I get the WinXP SP2 laptop back to it's original start-up state?


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Can you access Safe Mode?  Avast! could be uninstalled from safe mode, to at least get your OS running again. 

And while you are in safe mode, maybe run this also>>

After that, if removing it gets you running, you can try reinstalling Avast! again if you still want to try, might just have been something that went wrong with the install (though I still suspect Norton ghosts). 


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What about
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sfc /scannow ?