Author Topic: Installation on Citrix-XENclient (Client virtualization Hypervisor)  (Read 2641 times)

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Hi we have the following scenario:
We roll out new windws 7 clients build on Citrix XenClient Hypervisor ( The configuration of this means, that all virtual guests are based on a single master image which consist of the C drive of Windows 7. This drive is unchangeable this means after every boot the drive is in the same condition as before. There are only 2 exceptions, the user part (profiles) and an appcache for virtualized offline applications. This is solved by junction points on separate partitions on the virtual HD. Updates are done by a synchronizer centrally.

The challenge on this is to have an up to date antivirus. We tried to install in the junction point (c:\citrix\appcache - preferred from us) but avast accepted only the standard path.

Since the master installation should be outside the domain and anly the childs (like HD cloning)will come to domain we tried to install avast standalone. After domain join of one of "child"-machines avast console was able to see the client but not to manage. The problem at this point is also, that the disk is de facto read-only (after boot same state as before).

Does somebody see a way how we can get avast to run in this scenario? Managed or if not possible unmanaged?

Best regards Guenther