Author Topic: Trojan is preventing me from re-installing Avast  (Read 2030 times)

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Trojan is preventing me from re-installing Avast
« on: October 25, 2011, 12:55:04 AM »
I recently started getting these pop-up warning from my Avast Anit-Virus programs saying it blocked a Trojan.  When I did a full system scan it found two infected files in one of the Windows folders.  I chose to quarantine them rather than delete because I figured deleting them could/would cause problems with Windows running correctly.  So after the quarantine I continued to get the same pop-ups.  I decided to re-install Avast but when I went to Avast's website it re-directed me somewhere else & it does this with any virus related software site.

So now I'm sitting here with a machine that doesn't have a virus scanning program installed & I can't go to any sites to download a new program.  I have already ran Malware Bytes & SuperAntiSpyware & that found some files & deleted them but the problem remains the same.

So is there a program, Avast or otherwise, out there I can put on a flash drive or a blank disc that will scan when I boot up & then remove anything it finds?  I have the same issues in Safe Mode too, so the virus is preventing me from going that route as well.

EDIT: Oh, & it's a Win7 x64 machine.
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Re: Trojan is preventing me from re-installing Avast
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2011, 01:27:37 AM »

    From your post,it is clear that you have a Browser Hijack infection in the computer. We  recommend you to download and run TDSS killer from the below link.

Most probably you wont be able to visit the above website due to browzer hijack. So what you can do is, try to access the website from

Start -> Run and type hh


Start -> Run iexplore -extoff (this will open the Internet Explorer without addons) and provide the above URL.

You need to download the tdsskiller.exe and run it.

Please post back the log message that you will get after the scan.

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Have a wonderful day. Good Karma! :)

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Re: Trojan is preventing me from re-installing Avast
« Reply #2 on: October 25, 2011, 07:50:46 AM »
star a new topic in the virus and worms section..

follow this guide and attach the logs

Essexboy will then help you when he arrive later today...usually around 08:00pm - 11:59pm UK time