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I'm new to these forums but I come here in search of help. I wasn't sure where to post this so I hope right is okay. I use avast! anti-virus software and it has been working fine since I got it. A few days ago i noticed that a notification popped up saying my avast malware protection was disabled. When i clicked the "turn on now" button an Error popped up saying "File System Shield provider not found". I also googled my issue to see if i can find any results. My computer has recently been acting strangely. I would turn it on and log into my computer account to see it running normal, but it wouldn't load the screen. Clicking on my account would be followed by a black scree and my cursor being fully visable and moveable. I had to reboot my computer a few times before it started to be able to load. I read online this could be caused by dangerous malware. As I stated above, my malware protection was somehow disabled and i can't get it back on. Can Anyone help me?

Thanks for your time.

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Re: Hello
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Unless you are using the server version of avast, it isn't the right forum. It should be in the avast! Free/Pro/Suite if you are using avast Free or Pro or the avast internet suite -

However if this is malware related as you suspect then it should go in the Viruses & Worms forum, this would probably be the best one to start with. 
- Please create your own new topic, here in the viruses and worms forum (click the New topic button at the top of the page see image) and we will try and help you there.

- This probably needs analysis by a malware removal specialist:
Go to this topic for information on Logs to assist in cleaning malware. Use the information about getting and using the logs and start your own new topic and attach the logs there, not in the LOGS topic.

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