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ashserv using 99% CPU resources
« on: November 18, 2004, 01:10:56 PM »
My CPU is locking up with 100% resource utilisation.  Ashserv is the culprit.    I have the Network Shield, Standard Shield, and Outlook/Exchgange shield loaded.

Terminating all three, frees the CPU.  However, when I restart the Network shield, the "on access scanner" page shows me that Outlook/.Exchange shield is "waiting for a subsystem to start".

Starting the Standard shield again gives me no real problem until I start the Outllok program (Outlook 2003).  Then the system hangs again.  If I then "terminate" the Outlook shield (remember that I never actually started it myself) I am left with the problem, even if I exit the Outlook 2003 application.  I only regain control of my machine my stopping the Standard Shield.   If I restart the Standard shield again, I have no problem until I load Outlook 2003 when the cycle repeats itself.

I have also found that Outlook 2003 running with the Outlook shield (but no Standard Shield) seems to give no problem even though the warning "waiting for a subsystem to start" appears in the On Access Scanner Program.

Furthermore, If I stop the standard shield, stop outlook, restart outlook and restart the Standard Shield, then I don't have a problem.   ???

Theer's a lot of info here but as you can gather it is very perplexing.  Especially since this problem only started today (and I'm pretty sure 4.5 installed itself a couple of days ago).  Any help would be appreciated.

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Re:ashserv using 99% CPU resources
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2004, 01:41:00 PM »
There are a lot of related threads opened about the same issue.
Can you browse the board for ashserv.exe and see if you can find something...  ::)
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Re:ashserv using 99% CPU resources
« Reply #2 on: November 18, 2004, 02:14:04 PM »
I did have a good check before I posted.  Nothing there (that I can understand) is relevant.  I have no scheduled scans and the problem is definitely related to running Outllok 2003.  The avast add-in service is checked (and has been unchecked, restarted, rechecked and restared just to be sure) and the Avast Internal Mail service is not even installed. :-\

I "repaired" Avast but I still get the "waiting for subsystem to start" message.  Does this module require anything other than Standard Shield?