Author Topic: Something wrong with webrep for Chrome?  (Read 2558 times)

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Something wrong with webrep for Chrome?
« on: June 11, 2013, 04:05:46 PM »

After updating avast! 8 on Windows XP professional, avast propmpted me to install ''avast! online protection plugin'' for Chrome. Webpage displayed was:

At that time I noticed that  Webrep for Chrome dissappeared from Chrome and the Browser integration tab in avast! settings showed that webrep is not installed for Chrome (it was installed only for IE, Opera and Firefox). So I clicked in the install icon for chrome internet security it connected Chrome to the same page posted above. I installed the plugin and restarted the browser.
Two problems appeared:
1. Exen after restarting the OS, under avast! Settings, broxser integration tab, it still says that the security plugin for Chrome is not installed. After clicking 'install' I get prompted to the same page as before and the page says that the plugin is already installed. And indeed, the icon for avast! online security shows next to the settings icon in Chrome, as it always did.
2. The second problem is the icon itself: it looks different as in other browsers. In Firefox, the icon still looks like three vertical lines (that change color with respect to the site rating). In Chrome the icon looks like the avast logo with a dot in the middle that changes color with respect to the site rating. You can see both icons in the attached image.

What is going on? Did I get a virus on my PC with the last avast update?