Author Topic: Documentation for advanced settings- disable avast firewall + scanning behaviour  (Read 3495 times)

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I want to create a special group of 'servers' (workstations with a server role- eg SQL server) and I want to disable the avast Firewall shield- just like happens when I install avast BPP on a real server.

I have tried editing the group settings for the firewall shield, but that just stops monitoring it and the client UI eventually flags an 'unsecure' condition, which if the user clicks 'fix' will break things as critical server ports are then blocked.

Does anyone have documentation for all the advanced settings? Getting really sick of not having enough fine-grained control over the avast antivirus/firewall settings.

The other issue is scanning which happens if a computer is inadvertenly left switched off. Is there a way to NOT scan when the pc is turned back on. The CEO is getting really pissed when his pc slows to a crawl when he first turns on his pc in the morning (the scheduled quick scan missed and wants to fire up on boot.) This is really annoying!

Any assistance on both these issues would be most helpful.