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Re: firewall settings
« Reply #15 on: April 20, 2005, 05:38:33 PM »
I just wondered why the display panel said I had never done a that refering to full scans only?  Not the scans set to run automatically?
This only registers Full HDD (Local disks) scans initiated from within the Simple User Interface.

I'll look into giving Avast! server rights for those two proceeses......
You shouldn't need to, the explanation was that these processes act like servers, but since they are working from the LocalHost area, they don't need Internet Server access.
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Re: firewall settings
« Reply #16 on: May 02, 2005, 01:29:22 AM »
Hi all,
I still haven't come to a solid conclusion on what setting to use.
Today Distributed COM Services demanded server rights
Please look here and tell me if there is a problem.

Process   PID   CPU   Description   Command Line   Version   Window Status
Idle   0x0   88.13   System Idle Process         
DDHELP.EXE   0xFFFC0E1D      Microsoft DirectX Helper   ddhelp.exe   4.09.0000.0900   
RUNDLL32.EXE   0xFFFBDAD5      Run a DLL as an App   rundll32    4.10.0000.1998   
KERNEL32.DLL   0xFFEFF659   1.30   Win32 Kernel core component      4.10.0000.2222   
 MSGSRV32.EXE   0xFFFF82E5      Windows 32-bit VxD Message Server      4.10.0000.2222   
  MPREXE.EXE   0xFFFFBF71      WIN32 Network Interface Service Process   C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\MPREXE.EXE   4.10.0000.1998   
   VSMON.EXE   0xFFFEFEC9   1.11   TrueVector Service   C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\ZONELABS\VSMON.EXE -service   4.05.0594.0000   
   ASHSERV.EXE   0xFFFE5029   0.19   avast! antivirus service   "C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashServ.exe"   4.06.0622.0000   
    RPCSS.EXE   0xFFFC6BC5      Distributed COM Services   RPCSS   4.71.2900.0000   
  mmtask.tsk   0xFFFFAA55      Multimedia background task support module      4.03.0000.1998   
  EXPLORER.EXE   0xFFFEF901   0.37   Windows Explorer   C:\WINDOWS\Explorer.exe   4.72.3612.1700   Running
   TASKMON.EXE   0xFFFDAE29      Task Monitor   "C:\WINDOWS\taskmon.exe"    4.10.0000.1998   
   ZLCLIENT.EXE   0xFFFCBDE9   0.74   Zone Labs Client   "C:\PROGRA~1\ZONELA~1\ZONEAL~1\zlclient.exe"    4.05.0594.0000   Running
   SYSTRAY.EXE   0xFFFC5E4D      System Tray Applet   "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\SysTray.Exe"    4.10.0000.2224   
   ASHWEBSV.EXE   0xFFFC14A9      avast! Web Scanner   "C:\PROGRA~1\ALWILS~1\AVAST4\ASHWEBSV.EXE"    4.06.0652.0000   
   IEXPLORE.EXE   0xFFFA74A5      Internet Explorer   "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE"    6.00.2800.1106   Running
   PROCEXP.EXE   0xFFF731B1   8.16   Sysinternals Process Explorer   "C:\Utilities\Sysinternals\process\procexp.exe"    8.06.0001.0000   Running

Process: RPCSS.EXE Pid: FFFC6BC5

Type   Name   Handle   Access
Device   WSOCK2    0x60   0x00000000
Event      0x10   0x001F0003
Event      0x18   0x001F0003
Event      0xA0   0x001F0003
Event      0xA8   0x001F0003
Event      0xB0   0x001F0003
Event      0xB8   0x001F0003
Event      0xC4   0x001F0003
Event   RPCSS_Initialized_Successfully   0xD0   0x001F0003
Event      0xD8   0x001F0003
Event      0xE4   0x001F0003
Event      0xEC   0x001F0003
File   C:\WINDOWS\TEMPOR~1\CONTENT.IE5\INDEX.DAT   0x7C   0x00000133
File   C:\WINDOWS\COOKIES\INDEX.DAT   0x88   0x00000133
File   C:\WINDOWS\HISTORY\HISTORY.IE5\INDEX.DAT   0x94   0x00000133
MappedFile   rpcrt4sharedmem   0x14   0x00000000
MappedFile   fileAllocatorMutex   0x40   0x00000000
MappedFile   DCOMSharedGlobals12321   0x48   0x00000000
MappedFile   fileAllocatorMutex   0x50   0x00000000
MappedFile   C:_WINDOWS_Temporary Internet Files_Content.IE5_index.dat_606208   0x80   0x00000000
MappedFile   C:_WINDOWS_Cookies_index.dat_32768   0x8C   0x00000000
MappedFile   C:_WINDOWS_History_History.IE5_index.dat_81920   0x98   0x00000000
MappedFile   nView Shared Memory   0xF8   0x00000000
Mutex   nView Shared Desk Mutex   0x100   0x001F0001
Mutex   nView Shared Trans Mutex   0x104   0x001F0001
Mutex   MsnSspcPrivatePwdMutex   0x1C   0x001F0001
Mutex      0x20   0x001F0001
Mutex   OleCoSharedStateMtx   0x24   0x001F0001
Mutex   OLESCMSRVREGLISTMUTEX   0x28   0x001F0001
Mutex   OLESCMGETHANDLEMUTEX   0x2C   0x001F0001
Mutex   OLESCMROTMUTEX   0x30   0x001F0001
Mutex   OleDfSharedMemoryMutex   0x34   0x001F0001
Mutex   ScmWIPMutex   0x38   0x001F0001
Mutex   ObjectResolverGlobalMutex   0x44   0x001F0001
Mutex   Winsock2ProtocolCatalogMutex   0x54   0x001F0001
Mutex   Winsock2ProtocolCatalogMutex   0x58   0x001F0001
Mutex   WininetConnectionMutex   0x68   0x001F0001
Mutex      0x6C   0x001F0001
Mutex   WininetProxyRegistryMutex   0x70   0x001F0001
Mutex   _!MSFTHISTORY!_   0x74   0x001F0001
Mutex   c:!windows!temporary internet files!content.ie5!   0x78   0x001F0001
Mutex   RPCSS_RUNNING   0x8   0x001F0001
Mutex   c:!windows!cookies!   0x84   0x001F0001
Mutex   c:!windows!history!history.ie5!   0x90   0x001F0001
Mutex   WininetStartupMutex   0x9C   0x001F0001
Mutex   OLESCMLOCKMUTEX   0xC   0x001F0001
Mutex   MPRMutex   0xD4   0x001F0001
Mutex      0xDC   0x001F0001
Mutex      0xE8   0x001F0001
Mutex      0xF0   0x001F0001
Mutex   nView Shared Memory Mutex   0xFC   0x001F0001
Process   RPCSS.EXE(FFFC6BC5)   0x4   0x001F0FFF
Semaphore   DocfileAllocatorMutex   0x3C   0x001F0003
Semaphore   DocfileAllocatorMutex   0x4C   0x001F0003
Semaphore      0xB4   0x001F0003
Semaphore   PowerProfileRegistrySemaphore   0xF4   0x001F0003
Socket      0x64   0x00001130
Socket      0xA4   0x00001130
Thread   RPCSS.EXE(FFFC6BC5): FFFC6919   0x5C   0x001F03FF
Thread   RPCSS.EXE(FFFC6BC5): FFFA4CE1   0xAC   0x00000000
Thread   RPCSS.EXE(FFFC6BC5): FFFA4579   0xBC   0x00000000
Thread   RPCSS.EXE(FFFC6BC5): FFFA7789   0xC0   0x00000000
Thread   RPCSS.EXE(FFFC6BC5): FFFA4A59   0xC8   0x00000000
Thread   RPCSS.EXE(FFFC6BC5): FFFA4CE1   0xCC   0x001F03FF


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Re: firewall settings
« Reply #17 on: May 02, 2005, 01:38:33 AM »
rpcss - rpcss.exe
This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated.