Author Topic: Avast linux reports Nutcracker Family virus on separate Windows 7 hard drive....  (Read 4317 times)

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Hi, I need help determining if this is a false positive, I downloaded Avast for Linux Ubuntu 11.10 yesterday and scanned my other hard drive which has Windows 7 and Norton Internet Security 2012 on it and it said I have an infection called Nutcracker family and its located in a path that leads to a Norton file. Can you help me please? The exact path is:


 P.S. To avoid any confusion I have two hard drives...One with Ubuntu 11.10 and Avast installed and the other Hard drive has Windows 7 with Norton Internet Security 2012, so I was On Ubuntu hard drive and scanned (from within Ubuntu OS)the other hard drive that has Windows 7

Thank you,
Tom Smith

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Tom, most probably it's a false positive due to (?) poor encryption or packaging of that file.
Can you take it from Linux and submit it to and check?
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