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Avast Outlook Plugin / SSL issue
« on: January 04, 2012, 06:40:35 AM »
I had an issue with a client of ours where when they setup their email through Microsoft Outlook 2002 on Windows XP.  Our email system (domain name) is using G-Mail servers/setup so our information is the same (pop/ and with SSL and outgoing requires authentication)

When setting up the account I got a message from Avast! stating they it would not scan emails that use SSL.   Incoming email works fine.  Outgoing email has an error of 0x8004210b, which is indicating a firewall/antivirus software.  I tried Outlook Express to see if it's a server issue and Outlook Express worked fine with no issues.  I did disable Avast to confirm but Outlook 2002 still failed.  So:

1) I assume that Avast simply does not scan emails that are coming through a connection that is SSL?

2) Would this issue be a symptom with the Outlook Plugin?

3) if so, how do you remove the plugin from Outlook?

4) Is there any reason why you don't scan incoming/outgoing email if using SSL?

5) Is there any known issues with Avast!, any email clients, and SSL?

6) Where does Avast! products start supporting?  As in Windows XP, Outlook 2000 etc.

As to Avast! version, it's looks like the up-to-date version, but I did not probe into that.

Lastly, just to relitarate, it is not a computer issue or server issue as Outlook Express worked with no issues.

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Re: Avast Outlook Plugin / SSL issue
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2012, 06:45:22 AM »
Is there any reason why you don't scan incoming/outgoing email if using SSL?
The point with SSL is that it should be secure....if you could scan it just like that it would not be secure   ;)

first some info. Gmail have there own mail security. all accounts are protected by postini spam/virus filter using two AV engines from Authentium and McAfee

So if you also want avast to scan your mail, then you must disable SSL in your mail client and let avast do the SSL connection

This is how to
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