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driver and TV monitor
« on: January 09, 2012, 10:44:41 PM »
I have an oldish tower with a AMD Sempron64 2800+ and ECS 760GXM Motherboard with 1.2G of Ram with 76GB of hard drive. My monitor drive is a NVIDA GeForce FX5500 175.16 with 256 MB which drives a 26" TV which i use as a monitor, the video card has a DVI output which goes to a HDMI input on the TV.
My question is this, i am thinking of upgrading my tower and i am after some advise as to which might be the best video card to give a HD quality picture from my PC and also get over the problem of having 'freezing' problems when streaming videos etc.
I understand the age of my processor will be a factor as will the amount of RAM, i don't play games and tend to use the PC for documents as well as playing DVDs and streaming, i would want to keep photos and videos on memory, but i don't want to get a general tower from PC world etc as they sometimes come with things that you don't always need, or indeed have not got what you do need!!
SO I am looking to the possibility of maybe building one myself, i come from an electrical background and understand the need for safely grounding whilst doing any work etc on boards and the such like.
I would appreciate any advise....oh the only other thing is that i am obviously looking to not spend too much with the way things are at the moment.