Author Topic: Avast! Rescue Disc Registry Cleaner  (Read 8277 times)

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Avast! Rescue Disc Registry Cleaner
« on: January 10, 2012, 02:38:05 PM »

I just received the Avast! Rescue Disc, and everything looks great, except there seems to be one application missing that was in the previous Avast! Bart CD's.  It looks like the Registry Cleaner option is no longer there.  My question is, why was this not included, and what other alternatives do I have to use a bootable CD registry cleaner?




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Re: Avast! Rescue Disc Registry Cleaner
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2012, 11:49:42 PM »
I tried to buy the wretched thing to download, but somehow got thrown into the mail order
process that sends it via snail mail.  Essentially USELESS !!!!
When you need something like this you need it NOW, or at worst some time in the next hour.
A week ? two or three weeks ?  Who knows ?
The worst part seems to be that I can't back out of the order, not that $10 will break me,
but a waste is just that and I hate waste.

Do I have to wait for it, try it, find it to be useless (now that I have recovered from back up)
and THEN return it ?
I guess the biggest waste is that I had an infected system and the OPPORTUNITY to find out
how/why has been wasted.

I hate to even pay the return postage on this, I feel I was tricked into a useless delivery method.
Not sure of the EXACT sequence of screens, there may have been something subtle that said it
couldn't be downloaded, maybe I was expecting a delivery method option that never showed up.