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Re: Client PC's Disconnected
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We seem to have been experiencing something similar for the last couple of months.  Periodically I'll check the console to make sure everything looks happy, typically like once a week.  It seems like every couple of weeks I'll noticed that while a few clients are still showing connected to the console (green check), there will be a good number of them that I know are online and connected to the netwrok which aren't showing up as connected - my own laptop from which I am connecting to the console, for instance!  It seems that restarting the Console Monitor service, which in turn restarts the Console service, seems to clear things up.

Something I have noticed in doing this is that the Console service's process memory seems to be about double the normal value when in this state.  For instance, before restarting the services, the Console service was running at ~137MB and the Monitor service at ~20MB.  After the restart, they are currently at ~66MB and ~14MB, respectively.

I have also noticed that the last couple of times I have connected to the Console, during the last couple of days, there has been a message on the Network page, just above the filter area, indicating that a node was trying to connect but wasn't able to and asking if I wanted to fix this problem.  Clicking that fixed it but I wasn't sure if this was related or not.  One of those cases was a new node on the network which had just had Avast installed, the other was an existing node which had to be restored from three week old backup because of a driver issue which rendered the machine unusable.

Thoughts, comments, and suggestions happily accepted!   :D