Author Topic: Heads up everyone, is possibly infected  (Read 2787 times)

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Heads up everyone, is possibly infected
« on: January 28, 2012, 03:46:47 AM »

I just wanted to inform people that something funky is going on with the popular sports web site and I believe it has been hacked but I'm not 100%.

WoT gives this site a green rating, however I don't think it's safe. I went on it today via a recommendation from a friend and once I clicked on a video link, the video tried to re-direct me to somewhere else. Fortunately, I had Malwarebytes pro and it blocked the outgoing IP adress thus probably saving my computer.

I've also asked some people on yahoo and they said their comps acquired a virus from the site... Just in case anyone ask, I am in no way trying to destroy the site because I think it's a great site but I just want to help prevent people from possibly getting infected. I believe the site itself is safe but the streaming links they provide aren't 100% safe.