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Avast 7 and Netbalancer uninstall
« on: February 25, 2012, 11:44:42 PM »
Love Avast, but wanted to report an issue with Avast 7's sandbox.   After performing an uninstall of NetBalancer, my network drivers no longer worked.  The uninstall went through, but left remnants in my driver files.  But netbalancer was no longer listed anywhere so that I could complete the uninstall. 

You must temporarily disable avast to uninstall this program. Unfortunately, I didnt know this before hand.  The fix was to re-install netbalancer, reboot, disable avast, uninstall netbalancer, reboot, uninstall network drivers, reinstall network drivers.

If I had been given the run normally option when I first ran the uninstall program, I would have been ok.  Perhaps, avast 7 should not sandbox uninstall programs at all when they are run from control panel.

Thank you for your time, and a great product.