Author Topic: Version 7 feels like a beta programme!! Serious issues!  (Read 1607 times)

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Version 7 feels like a beta programme!! Serious issues!
« on: February 26, 2012, 12:45:41 PM »
Having been a satisfied customer for some time - satisfied to have actually subscribed to the paid product! - I am very dissapointed with version 7 update.  These are some of the issues (which I have reported in a ticket)

1- It is recognising software I have used for years as a potential virusn, ok I can accept the engine being more agrressive, but when I click OK to open in sandbox the programme just closes. Also when I select open the programme normally next time it does not but simply goes back into the same loop.  The first affected programme was FSCapture.exe - the original freeware version of fast stone capture which was released I think in 2006!  I did eventually manage to get it added to exceptions (didnt work the first time as the browse box didnt come up)  However I should really be able to do this from the pop up box and not have to delve into settings.

2- Safe Zone (banking) is now broken - the safe zone window opens but the browser neither opens automatically (as it used to) nor when I double click the browser icon, rendering safe zone useless.  I tried resetting safe zone through settings but that made no difference

3- The widget (even in small mode) now takes up twice the space it used to but with reduced size icons!  90% of the widget space is taken up your logo and the tick - which should be much smaller and on one line - whilst the icons are squeezed by this and the totally unecessary extra icons for facebook and twitter.

I am running Windows 7 32bit with no other anti-virus or spyware running.

I am not particularly happy since I now worry about trusting anti-virus software which has such a buggy updte (I see lots of other and different issues in forum)