Author Topic: Avast 7 causes my computer to hang - Windows XP SP3  (Read 12377 times)

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Re: Avast 7 causes my computer to hang - Windows XP SP3
« Reply #15 on: February 28, 2012, 07:00:46 PM »
Today when I started up, as it's so slow, I waited many several minutes for logon screen, logged on and walked away. 10 minutes later I found the logon screen back again. When I logged on again it started and message said it had recovered from a serious fault and to send a report. This told me nothing in the report, but Outpost firewall also had an error message behind it.

There's 10 instances of svhost.exe. Don't know what that is. My PC used to be fast when it was new, but has got slower over the years. But this change from Avast 6 to 7 has affected it greatly.

I really don't know what to change in msconfig. I can see some startup items are related to installed software. Roxio, Samsung Keis (which doesn't work).

I did use the uninstall utility before posting yesterday evening. The boot time was hardly any different compared to when I newly installed avast 7.

What is OTL?
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Re: Avast 7 causes my computer to hang - Windows XP SP3
« Reply #16 on: February 29, 2012, 09:21:37 PM »
Is Old timer listit.

The trouble with windows xp overtime the registry gets bloated and sys restore will consume lots of hard drive free space. How much hard drive free space have you got?. Swap file should be on system managed. I format my computer every 3 years to keep it fast running, it does loose speed over time from installing/uninstalling programes.
Try and Go to msconfig.  /startup tab.
start unchecking items one by one & reboot each time to see witch is the culprit that is slowing your system down?
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