Author Topic: Having trouble with avast 7 Streaming updates I do not have a connection  (Read 881 times)

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hI I was just wondering I am having trouble receiving streaming updates.  Today I checked earlier and I had a connection to the cloud services but I do not receive any streaming updates at all.  Right now I have no connection to the cloud services.   What I would like to now is their still an issue with this on avasts end and when can we expect a solution or fix to fix this problem.

Should I reinstall avast 7 from a clean install.  I updated throgh the avast 6 updater the last version.


Update I uninstalled Avast 7 from my computer and reinstalled it and reinstalled avast 7 free back on my computer and so far I have a connection to the cloud services.  I am just wondering when I will receive any streaming updates through the cloud services.

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