Author Topic: Significant Delay in Launching Apps with Avast 7  (Read 1291 times)

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Significant Delay in Launching Apps with Avast 7
« on: March 02, 2012, 02:43:39 PM »
Hi, I saw this issue was discussed before in this thread (, but that solution didn't work for me. Reinstalling the newest version of Avast 7 didn't solve anything.
I have Windows 7 x64, connecting on net with the same windows inbuilt PPPOE dialer(broadband), and I was using the free version of Avast, never had any problems with it. Then after the update from version 6 to 7, all programs I launch have a big delay of 6 seconds or so, even on my fast SSD. I am not an expert in computers and I couldn't solve that by simply reinstalling Avast. Then I tried to install back version 6 which worked just fine before, but from version 6 installer I got a message saying this is not the latest version of Avast and then it quits. I am not using Comodo firewall.
Having no way to install an older version and Avast 7 not working well for me I had to uninstall it completely. I hope a future release will solve this issues. If someone else experience the same problem please post.
Annyway, I still want to thank to Avast team for their hard work and for the free version I was using; version 7 needs just some more polishing, that's all.