Author Topic: Can not remove/deactivate anti-theft software using LG Optimus V  (Read 2515 times)

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This topic has been inquired on on a few occasions ,or without a remedy. I thought I would try it again.

On many LG Optimus phones, once you install the anti-theft software portion of the software, the Device Administrator does not allow you to UNCHECK the anti-theft software (installed under a fake software name).  Instead, a message pops up asking if I really want to deactivate it and warning me I will delete all my phone data etc.. Whether I press 'deactivate' or 'cancel', it returns me to the device administrator with the software box remaining checked. NOTHING I do allows me to uncheck the box in the Device Administrator box to free up the software to allow its removal.

All responses I have now read say essentially...not Avast's fault (when it clearly is).

The fact that a number of people have had this problem should at the very least require a WARNING (before you download it) in the Android market that these phones have an issue with deleting the software and install at your own risk. There is NOTHING. You only find out AFTER you have installed it. In my case, the Avast software along with the anti-theft software take up so much room on the phone (far greater than is indicated at the Android market), I have memory issues on my phone. Now I can't uninstall it based on what is now a KNOWN problem.

Is there anyone pursuing this? Any external removal utility that can be used to remove it when you have these 'known' issues?

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Re: Can not remove/deactivate anti-theft software using LG Optimus V
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2012, 03:40:43 PM »
we can not create such a utility as this is an android issue. what i can do is to analyze a log that you send to our support (use CatLog for it) maybe we get some error messages that we can interpret.