Author Topic: Avast for linux 1.3.0-1 doesn't find updates after 120317-0 (date: 17.03.2012)  (Read 3716 times)

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Hi all,

I have avast for linux running. I noticed it didn't find any new update after 120317-0:
[user@machine ~]$ avast -V
avast: avast v1.3.0
VPS: 120317-0 (date: 17.03.2012)
Copyright(C) 2003-2008. ALWIL Software. All rights reserved.
[user@machine ~]$ avast-update
Checking for virus signature updates...
No updates available at this time.
[user@machine ~]$

I also see there should be more recent virus definitions from this page:

Am I mistaking or is something wrong?


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This problem seems resolved after 2 times updates with more than 3 days. As far as I can see the problem was on avast side.