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My wishes
« on: March 23, 2012, 10:06:09 AM »

 I have some wishes about avast:

 Please can you add '' Ignore '' and '' Submit and Report as Suspicious '' when on access scan is set to ASK

 avast should scan quarantine after each update also it should scan memory and startup after boot.

 Autosandbox and File Sys Shield settings still accessible when avast in compatibility mode. These options should be hidden i believe for  on demand scanner mode.

 When you connect to remote pc via Remote Assistance tool, you see '' End Connection '' box in the right corner which cannot be hidden. It stays there and there should be option to hide it.

 When avast submits a suspicious file via quarantine or automaticaly, it should alert the user if submission process is failed.

 Generate Support Package is very handy but it should be simplified. When we click Generate Now button avast should open a new window where we can describe our problem. The report should be attached to that window. Otherwise people will collect info but don't know what to do next. ( Please look at Nod32 customer care support request system )

 That's all, wish you all good days