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Long running programs
« on: March 29, 2012, 11:16:35 PM »
Long running any programs, if we have problem with connections (dns)
Sorry, my english isn't good. Translated  text using google.
The problem with long running applications only if the reputation service avast!   enabled  and the program has not yet been tested (I do not know what period of time must pass after a couple of days the problem persists. Cache is disabled, but still as a result of the test is preserved).
For the traffic analysis installed Wireshark, the result is quite interesting  :D
I have run the program  with a normal connections

As can be seen, avast! refers to through dns. Further, our program is run, everything is fine.
Now I've changed the setup dns, have non-existent (simulation a problems provider with dns server)

We see that avast! trying to connect it via a dns, then after another. Such requests seven! Why so many? As a result, the program is opened only after the seventh attempt to connect (it 12-15 seconds).
And finally launch the browser. Because of the plug webrep, is an incredible number of requests. As a result, we are waiting for 10-15 seconds.

I turned to support, send log file but they did not answer.
Windows XP, SP3
Avast! free 7.0.1426
Intel Pentium lV, 3.00Ghs, 2,5 GB RAM
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