Author Topic: Problems with Avast Free Antivirus -- HELP  (Read 11548 times)

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Problems with Avast Free Antivirus -- HELP
« on: April 05, 2012, 01:52:31 AM »
 :'( I recently bought 2 new Laptops from

The first is an ASUS Series N53S-EH72 with an Intel i7 processor, Windows 7 and a GEFORCE GT540M NVIDIA Cuda w/1Gb Dedicated Ram video card (VRAM), 6Gb of DDR3 Ram, a 500Gb HDD @ 7200RPMs -- should be a screaming machine. It had AMAZING reviews!
I used to load in the programs I wanted after the initial set-up. doesn't have Avast so I downloaded it afterward and my computer began to run very slowly and eventually just stopped working. The mouse and keyboard would stop working intermittently so I ran a troubleshooter on the computer and it said the Superfetch wasn't working. It simply will NOT run properly without the Superfetch on. The only solution I found was to use Windows Restore and each time I used it, it would remove the Avast program. The computer would work okay, until I re-installed the Avast program, then it would begin to run very slow again. It seems that the only way I can keep it running is to use the restore program almost daily. That computer had such great reviews, I expected a real performer. It runs worse than my 6yr old dual core and that runs circles around it.

Laptop #2 is a Gateway NV55S13u with Windows 7 and an AMD A8-3500M processor with an AMD Radeon HD- 6620G with a 512MB Graphics System Memory dedicated video card, 6GB of DDR3 Ram and a 640GB HDD @ 5200RPMs. I just bought 2 of these for a friend and they ARE screaming machines. Mine however, has turned into another doorstop.
I opened the Gateway computer after my frustration level got so high with the ASUS, that I wanted to toss it out the window. So, I opened the Gateway and did all of the compulsory downloading of updates and went to to load my programs. I then went online to download the Avast program and my computer immediately went BSOD. I could NOT get it to reboot and after multiple tries, I went into Safe Mode and did a restore point.
It finally accepted the restore point, but took out the Avast program like the other computer did. I finally got it back up and running and loaded the Avast program back in and although I have registered both computers on, I could neither log in nor access my account (With - it acknowledges that I have an account, but refuses access. I discovered this forum and although this computer is sluggish and I am having problems with the keyboard, I have been able to type this message. It continually locks up or I get the dreaded BSOD so I ran the troubleshooter again and it says that the Superfetch is not running again. I went into Services and manually turned Superfetch back on and it seems okay for now.

I called and  planned to return both computers, but I can only get a refund or choose different computers because both are out of stock or unavailable. I really want to keep these computers because of their potential to be great machines. At first, I thought I had a dreaded “Lemon” but have a difficult time believing they are both “Lemons.”

When I went to register the computer with Avast, I discovered this forum. THANK GOD!! I was ready to ditch both computers, only to discover (I believe) that the problem is the Avast anti-virus program. I have always been a huge fan of Avast for many years and ALWAYS recommended Avast to ALL of my friends and co-workers. Occasionally I would try the AVG anti-virus program, but it has become an incredibly intense memory hog with their latest version. I am greatly disappointed that Avast has decided to join the ranks of the greedy and refuse to give just 30 days before requiring a purchase – I will say that I am impressed with their new “look” but now, I guess it's time to shop for something open source. My new computers won't run properly with Avast and I refuse to be held hostage for money. Who would have thought that Microsoft could have got something right?
I still don't understand much about Superfetch and would appreciate an explanation if someone out there knows more about it. I would also like to know why the Avast program turns it off and if there is a way it can live together with the Windows 7 operating system.

Thanks for your help!

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Re: Problems with Avast Free Antivirus -- HELP
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2012, 02:03:02 AM »
first....did these computer come with a preinstalled AV ?...or any other AV you have used

if so, this must be uninstalled before installing avast
and use a removal tool to clear any leftover files that may conflict

run and reboot - Uninstallers – Security Software

then avast does not like system restore, so you have to reinstall

follow the instructions on website for how to remove

reboot. reinstall and reboot again

did it work ?

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