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Office problems solution found
« on: April 09, 2012, 03:34:23 AM »
Hi I am new to this forum but have been using Avast Free for quite a while now.
In the last year i noticed the icons for most of my Office apps had reverted to the default unassociated file icon. This happened i believe after i ran a trial version of Avast internet security last year, but i didn't associate it with my problems at the time.

I had the Avast internet Security promotion offered to me again this year and ran the 20 day trial. As happened last time i noticed a marked slowdown of my system and Outlook kept on crashing to the point where i had to run task manager to kill the process every time i ran it, so i uninstalled it. The uninstall had corrupted a dll file and it wasn't straight forward so i used the prog AWSclear to completely remove it. Then i did a clean install with the latest free file available...

The problem with Outlook persisted even after the uninstall/reinstall however. After searching for a solution I found reference to the Add-in menu in Outlook. I went there and found that Avast Spam Filter was still ticked as a program to load on startup in outlook. I removed this in safe mode, rebooted and fired up Outlook and all is well now.

As an added bonus all the icons i have been missing for most of last year have returned. I am guessing the problem stems from Outlook trying to fire up the Avast Spam filter which doesn't exist on my system.

I hope this will help someone else who may be having the same issues...

regards Wayne