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Problem with initial configuration
« on: April 16, 2012, 10:23:38 AM »
Hello everyone,

We are new to Avast products. A few weeks ago we had to renew our anti-virus licences and we choosed to switch to Avast. We installed the trial version and everything was working fine : console, remote installation etc ... We then bought licences and tryed to configure the Avast Business Protection for our desktop client and servers, we have a lot of problems I can't solve.
- The silent remote install doesn't work for any desktop computer or server. It just fails with no error message.
- When I do manual installation of the client, sometimes the console sees them, sometimes it doesn't.
- As the time pass, the console sees more and more computer as "deconnected" ( we went from 25 to 2 computers ) despite the fact that all this computer are on, working, and nothing in their configuration changed.

I don't know if I am asking those question in the right place, but avast email support won't respond to my mail and I failed to fond a phone support.

I hope I am just doing something wrong and this problem can be solved easily.

Cheers, Raph