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Hi everybody. First time posting here.

I encountered a problem with a svchost.exe virus or malware on my work computer last week. My PC got extremely slow and a blue screen appeared twice shutting down my computer. I already had Norton Internet Security running, but apparently that did not catch it. So yesterday, I downloaded various virus scanning and antispyware applications (Paretologic PC Health Advisor, Malwarebytes, Avast, and SuperAntiSpyware) to clean and then protect my PC.

Can Avast Internet Security co-exist with the other antivirus protection (Norton Internet Security, Malwarebytes, SuperAntiSpyware) I currently have actively running?  If not, out of my current options, what would you recommend I use to actively protect my computer?

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.

Also, I now keep receiving Avast notices stating that it has blocked two malicious URL's ( and from svchost.exe that i am not trying to access. So it seems that I still have some type of problem. I will post this issue in another thread.
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  • Not a avast user security program have 100% detection

avast works fine with MBAM and SAS...but not Norton

never install more then one AV....or you will get all kind of mysterious windows errors and false positive detections

what would you recommend I use to actively protect my computer?
(your favorite antivirus) avast + malwarebytes PRO

after you have uninstalled one, run a removal tool to clear any leftover files that may conflict

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There is very little that can co-exist with NIS -  Having two resident anti-virus scanners installed is one too many and not recommended as rather than provide twice the protection it can cause conflicts that could leave you more vulnerable.

You should uninstall NIS as two elements in it could conflict the antivirus and firewall elements as both are trying to do the same task and work at very low level, installing low level drivers to hook files so that they can be scanned before being allowed to run. You may even have to run the NIS uninstall/removal tool even after a normal uninstall.

As for SAS and MBAM they are anti-spy/malware applications and provided that you don't have the Pro versions of both (with the resident protection enabled for both), then they should be able to co-exist and are also compatible with avast.

When you get malicious sites blocked and the process responsible for the connection is svchost.exe (or some other system processes), it is most likely you have a malicious process on your system misusing that process (possibly a rootkit).

- This needs further analysis by a malware removal specialist:
Go to this topic for information on Logs to assist in cleaning malware. Use the information about getting and using the tools and attach the logs here, not in the LOGS topic.
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I have had avast! AIS first 6 and now 7 running together with SAS Pro and IMF Pro for about a year.  I have never had any noticeable problems.  It might be overkill but I have a clean computer and it works fast enough for me. :)

P.S. What I find very interesting is that members of this forum still continue to bash IObit yet the avast! community gives the IObit website a solid green in WebRep.  Just saying. :)

P.S. I am not pushing IMF Pro though IObit's Advanced System Care Pro is considered is by far the #1 Diagnostic Software download on CNET.  There must be at least a few closet ASC Pro users here. ;D


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No one even mentioned Iobit so what has it got to do with this thread ??? "nothing" and use of it means that you simply dont have a high regard for ethics :o


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after you have uninstalled one, run a removal tool to clear any leftover files that may conflict

I uninstalled NIS, restarted my computer, dl'ed and tried to run the removal tool to clear out any leftover files and a tiny grey box flashes for half a second before closing out.  Task manager says the removal tool is still running but I can't see it.

Norton Removal Tool appeared after about 45 minutes of it running. I ran it and restarted my computer. I am now utilizing Avast, MBAM, and SAS. i will upgrade to MBAM Pro shortly.

I will move onto the svchost.exe issuenext. Thanks for everyone's help.
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