Author Topic: windows update conflict w/ avast 6  (Read 11029 times)

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Re: windows update conflict w/ avast 6
« Reply #15 on: May 03, 2012, 09:21:00 PM »
i really don't know what to do or where to be in this forum but i have avast 6.0.1289 and windows is telling me that it is out of date. when i try and go into avast and update it doesn't do anything. i tried to uninstall from add/remove and that don't work either. avast is saying i am fully protected. why can't i update or uninstall and why am i getting the warning from security center saying my virus protection is out of date?? please please help me...thanks
First download and save a new copy of the latest avast then follow the instuctions here for removal of you current version

Your recieving the warnings because avast is now at 7.0.1426 so your quite outdated, i also recommend when installing the new version that you read through the process properly so you can untick the features that may not be required ( google chrome on first screen ) then proceed with a custom install where you'll have the ability to choose what security features you want or not.