Author Topic: Why talk about .... '## aswSnx private storage' once more ?  (Read 1486 times)

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1. In the first place :
Because when I first noticed this damn folder in my C:\  root directory I was very angry.  >:(
Why do some software makers think they have all rights to invade everyone's main directory ?
The thing I really hate ('dislike' would be too weak expression),  is when yet  another more smart guy puts his own stuff  in what should remain the most sacred location : C:\  root directory. No permission asked !
The root directory is something that should remain a clean area.

We already have much space invaded at other locations especially created by the operation system for such uses. As a user, do YOU have still anything to decide on the use of your disk space ??   >:(

2. In second :
If you Google for  '## aswSnx private storage'  , because (like anybody !) you have no clue at all, what this folder is about, you will discover that countless users were (some in panic) searched for some explanation on this stupid file name.
Why must Avast create such waste of time and confusion for their users ?

Imagine how many times the same questions and possible issues have been imagined !!

I like Avast antivirus so far. It is efficient and the interface is quite straightforward.
It could be a little bit more respectful to good manners on my system and less mysterious for everybody.       
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Re: Why talk about .... '## aswSnx private storage' once more ?
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It is not a damn folder and does not have a stupid file name. It is the folder used by Avast! Sandbox.
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